Outer Space Activity Round-Up

We had so much fun during our outer space unit.  I can’t wait to share a couple projects with you that we did, but also some more great ideas that I found out in blog land.

To begin the week we made personalized rockets for the kids to decorate however they like and attached them to “space paper”.  We’ve also used the exact same rockets and simply stapled the two sides together to make an unattached rocket.

It’s the end of the year for our Pre-K students and they are getting ready for their Kindergarten career.  We used two dice to complete rocket addition problems. 

From Busy Bee Kids Crafts.com I found a cute Paper Planetarium project.  So simple, yet adorable for preschool students.

From DLTK-kids.com I found a great toilet paper astronaut craft.  The kids loved it!

Mrs. Karen offers a whole collection of space preschool ideas that are fabulous!  I particularly love these space paintings.

Thanks for joining us for some fun Outer Space activities.

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1 thought on “Outer Space Activity Round-Up

  1. Hi, I love all your fun ideas! I was wondering where you got your rocket addition paper…or did you just make it yourself? We’re starting a space unit next week and this would be great!

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