Preschool Scrapping

If you’ve wondered why I’ve been so busy lately besides all of the day to day things with my own kids, I’ve also been scrapping!  Yes, I’m that weird teacher that creates a scrapbook of pictures and work for all 24 students.  {When I taught first grade I helped them make their own}

My partner teacher and I spent hours just trimming corners and adding a background paper to each and every picture.  The picture above and below shows only a small portion of the pictures that we worked on.

I warn you now that this post has TONS of pictures.  I’m going to show you each page of one of the books.  I love this project.  It provides the parents with ONE book to keep for the year.  It has pictures and work by their child throughout the school year.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Are you tired yet?  Ha!  This is just October.  Lots more to come, so pace yourself if needed.  🙂

I  am already making a plan for how I want to do it differently next year. I want it to be a little easier for me, but still super cute for the parents.   I’ll keep you posted on that as I work on it this summer.  This last pic is the 2 piles of 12 books each.

Have a fantastic day!  So, who is going to make these for their preschool?  Do you give out or get a book like this from your preschool?  There are so many creative teachers out there.  What other great ideas do you have?


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5 thoughts on “Preschool Scrapping

  1. Fantastic scrapbooks. Love the pictures and then a little kid art on each page. Very nice. I wish I had your energy. To keep my parents clued in, I sent an email EVERY day that outlines things we did in morning circle, bible story of the day, art projects, math/science we may do and then final circle. I give them prompts to ask their children. At the end of the year, I make a DVD from all my photos with kids names included so its a memory of their preschool year. That is my year-end gift.

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