Ribbon Dance Stick Tutorial

If you missed this a week ago, I shared this at the Ribbon Retreat blog…

You and the little ones in your life will love these Ribbon Dancing sticks.  Boys, girls, it doesn’t matter, they all love to groove!  Once you gather your supplies it should take you 5-10 minutes to complete this fabulous project. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wooden dowel – I used 1/4 in dowel from The Ribbon Retreat for one and 1/2 in dowel from Home Depot for the other.  Both work great!
  • Drill gun ( don’t be afraid )
  • Hot glue gun OR sewing machine
  • ANY beautiful ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat – I prefer at least 1 1/2 inch width
  • Eyelet set ( I purchased from Michael’s)
  • Twine

Let’s get started.  First drill into your dowel using the drill gun.  Go slow and steady and you’ll have no problem.  I used a SUPER small drill bit for the smaller dowel and a larger drill bit for the larger dowel.  As long as your twine fits through, it’s big enough.

1/4 inch dowel

1/2 inch dowel

Cut your ribbon to desired length and heat seal the ends.  Then you have 2 options at this point.  You can fold over and sew the ends OR you can fold over and hot glue the ends.  Both will work, this is just personal preference.  Below, I simply hot glued.

Grab your eyelet pack and READ THE DIRECTIONS.  I bought this set at Michael’s.

Here are all of the tools that came in the set.

I started by punching a tiny hole in the doubled ribbon.

I followed the instructions and added an eyelet to the ribbon.

Then I simply used the twine to attach my ribbon to the stick.  You could use wire or a metal ring, but I liked the added color from the twine {and the twine really held up}.  You could always JAZZ it up by allowing your little one to paint their own wood stick.

Can you see your little one {or better yet, YOURSELF} dancing around the room with one of the fabulous ribbon sticks?  My little guy LOVES them and so do my preschool students.Yeah, the grass is just starting to really get green here in Colorado, but it’s still patchy.  I just love Spring and seeing all of the plants come back to life!

Pin this great tutorial today for a fun and inexpensive gift!

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